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Session I

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Ever wonder why very smart people aren’t successful? The answer – emotional intelligence! Emotional intelligence is the key to understanding yourself, managing your emotions, having social awareness, and managing relationships. This session is designed to provide a general overview of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the business diversity reasons for focusing on EQ to develop the star performer (in any setting).

Most Powerful & Influential Women

Success isn't only about achieving a certain status in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur, but success is also achieved by the way you live; what you say; how you dream; and what you know is true. Hear from some of the nation’s Most Powerful and Influential Women and understand what it takes to become a woman of power and influence in today’s world.

Success - How to Taking Control of Your Career

In order to achieve your career goals, it is imperative to that you take control and make mindful, intentional decisions. Hear from some of the nation’s strongest leaders on how to progress in your career by learning how to: define what ‘control’ means to you, balance your work with lifestyle, and make smart developmental decisions.

Session II

How to Play the Game - Unwritten Rules of Corporate America

Sometimes there are rules in the workplace that are not directly stated, and it takessome time to figure out your organization’s culture. Learn the unwritten rules of corporate America and how to navigate internal workplace politics.

Essential Pillars of Good Leadership

Hear from some of the nation’s most exceptional leaders what qualities are necessary to successfully lead an organization, and how to achieve constant self-improvement. Additionally, learn how outsiders look at your organization to gauge if an organization has effective, inclusive leadership.

Shifting Gears – Operating Outside Your Comfort Zone

Are you ready to advance in your career, but not sure what the next best steps are? Are you contemplating if it’s necessary to take a risk to move forward? Learn what it takes to operate beyond your comfort zone to achieve your goals and overcome any self-doubt.

Managing Millennial Talent: Interactive Workshop

Learn from IHG how to better motivate and engage millennial colleagues and employees. Through this interactive workshop, you’ll identify best practices for fostering successful cross-generational workforces while debunking common myths about millennials.