As you write your dissertation, you must tell the reader the importance of your research in line with the discipline statistics and practical applications—the main characteristics to back all this include; relevance, clarity, manageability, and originality.

Relevance and Originality in Statistics

  • Your topic must make way to research that is original in statistics. You must be sure to utilize and present the material that nobody else has come across in simple terms. It may mean modifying the existing methods or theories, coming up with specific algorithms, creating new statistics techniques, and developing new theorems backed up with stiff proofs.
  • Ensure the topic is relevant. The research you want to present should get in line with the interest of both academia and practitioners.
  • After getting your research topic, think about the dissertation in line with the existing yet unsolved problems. They will be the baseline of your discovery plan on the subject.

Manageability in line with the time frame

  • You must do all the required work within the set time frames of your program. It is an obvious thing, yes, but quite several students fail to think about the details.
  • It would be best if you got realistic about the timing and scope of your research. Avoid procrastination. Please do what you can handle today, do not let it slip to the next day.
  • A lot of issues surround the manageability of time. One can process all the objectives within the proposal in the shortest time possible with the limited resources available. You can head to your advisor to get advice on this.

The clarity of the description of the problem

  • After finding your research topic, the next step involves finding a research problem located within the research subject.
  • You should establish to the committee and convince them that you have vivid objectives for the research you want to conduct. In simple terms, you will enjoy your research statement to be crystal and straightforward.
  • It would be best if you always remembered that you vowed to bring forth new knowledge and that the academic community should get to understand whatever you are trying to put forward.
  • You will have to do a lot of thinking for you to define an apparent problem. If your question is unclear, that may mean that your objectives are blurry too, which will make the whole process of writing a total mess.

Suggestions of writing style and clarity

  • The assessment of your research gets based on the preliminary statistical study and the manner of presentation. Several students choose to ignore the latter and work only on the former.
  • Remember that your writing quality is overly crucial. There is absolutely no good or reward in coming up with satisfactory research results but fail to communicate them in writing correctly.
  • By now, you have probably had a hand in various forms of technical writing that may include textbooks, articles, or proceedings of conferences. Most of the reports on the examples above may be personal or relatively informal. On the other hand, dissertation writing must remain formal.
  • Be sure to write while utilizing notations, terminologies, and definitions. Ensure that all necessary proofs get structured concisely and transparently.
  • Do not write long blocks of texts.
  • Always check on the redundancies in your writing and carelessness. They may go a long way in making your work look cheap.
  • When writing technical texts, avoid the use of irrelevant phrases or words.

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