Most PhD students like writing as that is a necessity to finish your dissertation. Even if you do not like writing and you are a PhD student, you will need to keep calm and finish your dissertation at one point. The article will provide you with tips used by experts that can help you finish your dissertation:

  1. Writing sooner

The size and importance of a nursing dissertation paper require you to ensure you have enough time for all steps necessary to produce the best paper. Focusing on writing your dissertation early enough at the beginning of your semester is essential. The earlier you start writing and keep consulting your supervisor on your progress, the earlier you will make all the corrections needed. Therefore, your dissertation will take shape and have a sense of direction if written sooner enough.

  1. Taking your time figuring out your thesis and methodology

You must develop your arguments based on a solid methodology statement and thesis. It will ensure that your arguments flow smoothly throughout your nursing dissertation. However, be open to making any slight changes and modify the methodology and thesis to have your arguments well expressed.

  1. Don’t get stuck and stop

It is not advisable to skip sections of your dissertation as it gets complicated. However, if you are completely stuck, move to the next section that you can write quickly. It will ensure that you have used your time effectively. Meanwhile, seek assistance on how to get the challenging sections done

  1. Remember to read

During the writing process of your dissertation, there are chances of your running out of content to write. At such moments, it is crucial to take a break from writing to read through your research materials to refresh your mind. You can easily generate new ideas in your mind to expound your dissertation.

  1. Remember to take care of yourself

Focusing on writing your dissertation is essential for you to finish your dissertation. However, remember to take a break from writing so that you exercise, sleep and eat healthily.  How you care for your body will affect your concentration, thinking, and motivation for writing your dissertation. Failure to take care of yourself will make it difficult for you to finish your dissertation.

  1. Be focused

 To get your dissertation complete mean you are disciplined and not only intelligent. Focus means that you can allocate time to research and write your dissertation.  Having specific time allocated to writing your dissertation without any distractions will make you accomplish much than you ever thought of.

  1. Take walks

It would help if you had a lot of creativity when writing an excellent dissertation. There is no better way to think deeply about creative ideas to incorporate into your dissertation than when you are taking a walk around the park.

  1. Have a capture journal

A capture journal can be a voice memo or a notebook feature on your electronic gadget where you write down the ideas for your dissertation. It will help you easily remember any valuable ideas that crossed your mind at any time of the day.

  1. Share your dissertation ideas with colleagues

Talking to your colleagues about your ideas for your dissertation causes the stimulation of your thinking. You learn about the gaps or inconsistencies in your writing based on questions that your colleagues ask. You are then able to make adjustments to ensure your arguments are clear and substantiated.

  1. Have deadline

Deadlines are the motivating factor in ensuring that you write your dissertation as required at the right place. It requires discipline to stick to schedules and meet them without feeling stressed or strained.  The deadline should be realistic to be adequate to make you accomplish tasks effectively.


Writing and finishing a dissertation is a time-consuming process that will require dedication, sacrifice, discipline, and the right attitude. Therefore, to avoid working under stress at the last minute before submission deadlines, plan your work well, and you won’t fail to achieve success.

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